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4" bump card with felt edge
SKU : GT-1064
Finish Line Knifeless Tape [GT-2017]
Finish line knifeless tape
SKU : GT-2017
MACTAC Felt Edge [GT-1000]
Mactac felt edge
SKU : GT-1000
OLFA Carbon 30 Degree Snap Blades [GT-1052]
Olfa carbon 30 degree snap blades
SKU : GT-1052
OLFA SAC-1 Stainless Graphic Knife [GT-1051]
Olfa sac-1 stainless graphic knife
SKU : GT-1051
Platinum Smart Card With Felt Edge [GT-1070F]
Platinum smart card with felt edge
SKU : GT-1070F
Yellow Rebel with Felt Edge [GT-1076]
Yellow rebel with felt edge
SKU : GT-1076

  Paint Protection Film Tools Description:-

4” Bump Card with Felt Edge GT-1064:

                                            4" hard card with two ridges or “bumps.”  One edge is wrapped in   

Finish Line Knifeless Tape GT-2017:

                                      The knifeless tape has a high strength filament that acts as the
                                             cutting device. The tape/filament is laid out on the vehicle and the
                                             bulk vinyl material is installed over the tape/filament. Then, the
                                             filament is pulled through the material leaving behind the desired
                                             design. The edge is clean and sharp just like a knife cut but without
                                             the risk of cutting the paint

Mactac Felt Edge GT-1000:

Recommended for paint protection or vinyl graphic installations. The soft felt is designed to avoid scratching. 

Olfa Carbon 30 Degree Snap Blades GT-1052:

                                      Standard duty acute angle snap-off blade for use when precision is
                                             a must.  Seven cutting edges per blade strip.  Fits the SC-. Pack of

Olfa SAC-1 Stainless Graphic Knife GT-1051:

                                       This stainless steel graphics cutter features an ultra-slim design
                                              and an acute angle blade making it a popular choice with professional
                                              graphic artists and sign-making professionals. Great for paint
                                          protection application. Replacement blades are SC-1052

Platinum Smart Card with Felt Edge GT-1070F:  

                                                                     The modern version of the hard card squeegee, only better! 25%    
                                               wider than a hard card, with a tapered tip, comfortable grip and thin
                                               squeegee edge make it the smartest tool in your apron. The felt
                                               edge is perfect for vinyl signs and graphics.

Yellow Rebel With Felt Edge GT-1076:

                                                Great as an applicator.  Rebel has a unique diagonal shape,           
                                                reaching corners easily. The parallel grip ridges makes holding on
                                                to the Rebel easy.

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